Harper Davison was established in 2001 as a firm practicing in the areas of Family Law, Wills & Estates and Commercial Law.

We believe that every client's situation is unique and requires personal attention to achieve the optimal outcomes.

We work in areas of expertise we’re highly skilled with. We are not a “one size fits all” and we will not profess to be experts in everything to do with the law. If your matter requires expertise outside what we have, we will happily refer you to a suitable qualified lawyer.

We make it our priority to discuss with you, the most appropriate course of action specifically relevant to your matter.

We listen and understand your situation first, which allows us to develop the best strategy to either resolve issues in dispute or provide optimum results with regard to your inquiry.

Our team appreciates that many legal matters can be daunting and difficult and we understand that it’s important that you receive the right information and advice relevant and tailored to your specific circumstances.